About Us

What’s an Armoire Cannonball?

We’re a couple of guys who made a couple of games and hope to make a couple more.

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Who is Armoire Cannonball?


Adam does Game Design and Programming.

By day, he’s an software engineer at Microsoft where he interacts with many different text editors for many different reasons.  At night, he puts his family to bed and then plays video games or writes his own.

Online, he’s typically known as chaosTechnician.

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Roger does Game Design and Art.

There are totally things he does.  Many of which are certainly noteworthy.

Spends his days in mechanical design and his nights wrangling kids and working on games.


  • Hey guys,

    I’m doing a school project that involves finding the states where the most number of developers in the top 250 android list exist. I would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out by letting me know which state you guys are based in.

    Thanks a bunch!

    Paul Samson05.16.2014
    • Hi Paul,
      We’re based in the state of Washington.